Lal Hotel & Spa – Lalibela

Discover Lal in the heart of a worldly might, Lalibela, slumbering on a 20,000 square meter compound concealed in evergreen trees; lodging with an amalgamate of traditional and contemporary design in the middle of a pristine nature. Panoramic views, diverse vantage points, embodiment of a vibrant culture in a city within a city.

Lal Hotel &Kore Lodges – Woldiya

Essentially linking four UNESCO world heritage destinations: the hottest place on earth, ‘Ert’ale’, the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the Castles of Gonder and the Obelisks of Axum; Lal Hotel Woldiya has been a long- standing Mecca for diverse tourists, breathtaking view of backwoods added with an experience of lodging amongst its magnificent communal of Coffee, Avocado, Guava, Papaya and Mango trees.